Thursday, July 28th 2011 — Corn Earworm

Red: high risk, Yellow: moderate risk, Green: low risk, Brown: insect source region
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South to southwest winds originating in portions of Oklahoma, Arkansas, southern Kansas, and southwest Missouri are predicted to blow north into the central corn-growing region late this evening into early Friday morning. Scattered showers/storms are likely to occur along and south of a southeastward pushing cold front and may serve as a favorable region for insect drop-out. While southerly winds are not expected to be as robust as last night, the source region is in a better location with higher moth activity. Therefore, Moderate corn earworm migration risks are predicted for eastern Kansas, much of Missouri, southeast Iowa, and western/central Illinois. Low risks extend north further into Iowa and to near the Illinois/Wisconsin border and also east into Indiana.

As high pressure settles south from the northern Plains into the corn-growing region Friday into Friday night, only calm/light winds are expected so no risk is predicted.

Looking ahead to the extended time period, high pressure should slowly move off to the southeast. As a result, southerly winds will likely return initially to the Plains states and then spread east into the corn-growing region by early next week. Wind speeds look rather weak, however, so only Low risks are predicted at this time.

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Corn Earworm

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Corn Earworm (Helicoverpa zea) Corn earworm is found throughout North America except for northern Canada and Alaska. Normally, corn earworm does not overwinter successfully in the northeastern United States. It is known to survive as far north as about 40…

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