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Black Cutworm

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Low Risk
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Black cutworm migration risks are on the rise as the next in a series of potent low pressure systems develops and moves through the corn-growing region. Southerly winds are expected to redevelop and spread across the heart of the region overnight tonight into tomorrow morning, and may result in some isolated moth flights especially into portions of Iowa and northern/central Illinois but a few moths could make it as far north as Minnesota and Wisconsin, as well. As low pressure deepens and south to southwest winds increase across the eastern Plains into Minnesota and Iowa, Moderate black cutworm migration risks are in the forecast for tomorrow night into Friday morning from eastern Nebraska into South Dakota, western Minnesota, and western Iowa. Low risks extend as far east as the Mississippi River. Moderate risks then shift east as a cold front begins moving southeast by Friday night into Saturday morning. The risk area at that time covers eastern Nebraska, Iowa, southeast Minnesota, Wisconsin, and portions of Illinois. Low risks extend as far east as the I-75 corridor by Saturday morning. By late Saturday into Sunday, as the cold front moves southeast, so do the south to southwest winds and the enhanced migration risk. Moderate risks by this time frame are mainly across the southern Great Lakes and eastern corn-growing region to the east of I-55, or from central Illinois east into Ohio and north into southern lower Michigan and also southwest Ontario, Canada. Growers across virtually all of the corn-growing region should be prepared for scattered black cutworm moth flights and consider accumulating heat units from this weekend forward to determine when black cutworms may be at critical growth stages where damage to newly emerged corn could occur.