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Black Cutworm

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Low Risk
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A strong spring storm system will move through the corn-growing region this week. Quite a variation of weather is expected from the northwestern corn-growing region in the Dakotas and Minnesota where heavy snow and wind are likely with strong and severe thunderstorms and summer-like temperatures across the southern corn-growing region and Ohio Valley. For insect migration purposes, black cutworm flights are likely at least on a scattered basis initially across the Plains states tonight from Kansas into Nebraska and also east into southwest Iowa and Missouri as the low pressure system begins to strengthen and southerly winds increase. By tomorrow night into Thursday, however, southerly winds are expected to really increase as the low deepens further, and Moderate migration risks are in place from eastern Kansas into Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois. Moderate risks continue Thursday night into Friday across the eastern corn-growing region and as far north as the southern Great Lakes in southern lower Michigan and also southwestern Ontario, Canada. While there is no threat to crops at this time, this early spring flight may result in additional black cutworm generations that could impact newly-emerged corn next month once planting and emergence occur. No additional risks are predicted after midday Friday as the system departs to the northeast.