Insect Alert For

Black Cutworm

Risk Level:
Moderate Risk
Affected Area:
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A strong spring storm system is expected to move from the central Plains region into the northern corn-growing region over the next 24 hours. A cold front trailing south of the parent low pressure system will divide the southerly winds from the westerly and northwesterly winds to the north as well as much of the precipitation. Black cutworm migration will be possible especially across the Mississippi River valley as far west as the lower/mid Missouri River valley, with Moderate risks in place from eastern Nebraska into Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, northern Illinois, and also into northwest Indiana tonight into tomorrow. Low risks extend just to the west and north of the Moderate risk area and also east into lower Michigan, the remainder of Indiana, and western Ohio. Flow becomes more southwesterly tomorrow night so while the loss of a direct flow from active insect source regions in the mid-south and southern states is expected to be lost, there is still a Low risk of migration from Kansas and Missouri as far northeast as Minnesota, Wisconsin, lower Michigan, and also into southern Ontario, Canada. Low risks then focus back across the Plains and areas mainly west of the Great Lakes for Thursday night into Friday and then from this same area but further east Friday night into Saturday as a cold front should push southeast by that point. Growers with newly-emerged crops are encouraged to scout fields for signs of black cutworms as flights that occurred in April may now have resulted in a new generation that could be at a feeding growth stage.