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Black Cutworm

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Low Risk
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The weather pattern across the corn-growing region is expected to remain very persistent over the holiday weekend and into next week, with southwest flow dominant. This is a pattern that is all-too-familiar this spring, with high pressure in the southeast United States and a series of low pressure systems moving northeast from the Plains into the northern corn-growing region. In between the two pressure systems, south to southwest winds will be very common and occasionally gusty right into next week, and precipitation will also continue periodically through this time period. As a result of a favorable weather setup, black cutworm migration risks are in the forecast on a nightly basis through early next week, with most fields in the corn-growing region under a risk at some point in the next five nights. The primary area of concern tonight into tomorrow will be from the Plains as far east as the Mississippi River as low pressure develops in the southern/central Plains. The risk then shifts from southwest to northeast across the heart of the corn-growing region tomorrow night into Saturday morning. The risk area then largely remains in place through next Tuesday with a slight focus west on Sunday night into Monday. Growers with newly-emerged corn and those with corn just in the ground or not planted yet are encouraged to continue to monitor fields and check traps and black cutworms will likely be affecting fields well into June this year given the late planting and weather pattern we’ve seen this spring so far.