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Black Cutworm

Risk Level:
Low Risk
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An active, southwest flow dominated weather pattern is expected across a good portion of the corn-growing region this holiday weekend and also as we move into next week. The result will be a rather persistent yet somewhat light south to southwest wind flow and periodic chances for showers and thunderstorms especially east of a cold front and any other boundaries. The overall pattern is favorable mainly for isolated black cutworm moth flights, as well, and Low risks are predicted on a nightly basis into the middle of next week. Low risks cover eastern Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, southeast Minnesota, southern Wisconsin, and Illinois tonight into tomorrow ahead of a weak low pressure system moving northeast up the I-35 corridor. Low risks then cover much of the corn-growing region from the Plains east to I-75 tomorrow night into Sunday as the main low pressure and cold front develop in the High Plains. Low risks then slowly shift southeast as the cold front moves southeast, with greatest risks mainly focusing near and east of I-35 late in the weekend and into early-mid next week. Growers with newly emerged corn should be actively scouting fields for signs of black cutworm larvae/clipping at this time until the crop advances enough in growth where there is no longer a concern.