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Black Cutworm

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No Risk
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Alert Details

Low black cutworm migration risks are predicted beginning Sunday night into Monday mainly west of Lake Michigan and the I-57 corridor in eastern Illinois. Southerly winds originating in Texas and Oklahoma are expected to blow north and may result in some isolated to potentially scattered moth flights as far north as the I-90 corridor and vicinity in southern Minnesota and Wisconsin by that time. Low risks extend as far east as lower Michigan and the Indiana/Ohio border early next week. Perhaps the most opportune time period for scattered flights is Tuesday night into Wednesday especially in the Mississippi River valley as low pressure deepens across the Plains and a cold front moves east. Given forecast uncertainty in placement of key features at this time distance, only Low risks are in the forecast but a potential upgrade to a Moderate risk may be in store by early next week. While there is no threat to crops at this time, these early season flights can result in new generations causing damage to newly emerged plants later this spring.