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Black Cutworm

Risk Level:
Moderate Risk
Affected Area:
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Moderate black cutworm migration risks are predicted tonight into tomorrow across portions of Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin as low pressure deepens in the Plains and high pressure remains over the southeastern United States. Southerly winds between these two pressure systems will be rather stout especially across the Moderate risk area. Scattered black cutworm moth flights will be possible in this region, with more isolated flights further east into lower Michigan and Indiana. Moderate risks continue tomorrow night into Thursday morning as the low pressure and cold front moves east, with the primary area of concern in eastern Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and southern lower Michigan. By late week, Low migration risks remain mainly across Indiana, Ohio, lower Michigan, and into southern Ontario, Canada as the system moves east and overall southerly wind flow weakens. Growers are reminded that while there is no immediate threat to crops at this point, that flights should be documented to have a better idea of when new generations may emerge later this spring that could affect newly-emerged crops at that time.