Insect Alert For

Black Cutworm

Risk Level:
Low Risk
Affected Area:
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A rather persistent weather pattern is predicted across much of the corn-growing region with southerly winds likely into early next week in most areas. At that point, a cold front should begin moving through at least a portion of the region by Monday or Tuesday. Until then, look for a broad area of Low black cutworm migration risks from the Plains states as far east as the I-75 corridor in southeast lower Michigan and into western Ohio on a nightly basis. By the weekend, the risk area does focus mainly across the Plains and western/central corn-growing region as high pressure retrogrades or moves west into the Ohio River valley, but late in the weekend and early next week the high moves back east and so the risks return to the eastern corn-growing region. Growers are encouraged to continue scouting efforts given an increasing acreage of emerged corn now present in many areas, as new generations may now be present in some fields from previous flights that may have occurred in mid-late April.