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Black Cutworm

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Low Risk
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A cold front will begin making better progress to the southeast today into tonight, and should be into the southern Great Lakes and north of the I-70 corridor in Illinois and Missouri by tomorrow. Ahead of the front, a continued south to southwest wind regime is anticipated along with an increasing chance of showers and storms especially right near and just east of the front. Low black cutworm migration risks focus east of the front from Missouri into Illinois and points east into lower Michigan, Indiana, northern Kentucky, Ohio, and into southern Ontario, Canada. Little to no additional black cutworm migration risk is predicted after Wednesday. A potent weather system is likely to pass through the central/southern corn-growing region Thursday into Friday, but any southerly winds associated with this feature are expected to stay mainly south of the front where corn is more advanced in growth and where black cutworms are not likely to pose much of a threat when new generations may appear. Furthermore, widespread rainfall may inhibit flights from occurring. Growers with crops at critical stages of growth, especially those that just emerged or in the early vegetative growth stages, are encouraged to continued scouting efforts until the crop is no longer at risk of damage from black cutworms.