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Black Cutworm

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Low Risk
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A continued active weather pattern especially across the eastern two-thirds of the corn-growing region over the next week may lead to a couple opportunities for black cutworm migration. The first chance is over the next couple nights as a low pressure develops in Nebraska/South Dakota and moves somewhat slowly to the east with a cold front to its south. East of the cold front, south to southeasterly winds are likely and may lead to mainly isolated black cutworm moth flights from far eastern Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota as far east as western Indiana overnight tonight into tomorrow. Best chances appear focused right near the Mississippi River. Low risks continue on east with the front tomorrow night into Sunday with any flights likely confined to areas generally east of a line from south central Missouri to near Chicago, Illinois. Another low pressure system is expected to develop along the front late in the weekend or early next week, and this system may also bring a corridor of south to southwest winds to its east early next week with additional Low migration risks predicted generally east of a line from near Joplin, Missouri to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.