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Black Cutworm

Risk Level:
Low Risk
Affected Area:
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The active weather pattern, at least for a portion of the corn-growing region, is expected to continue for the next week. A couple of low pressure systems are predicted to impact mainly the southeastern portion of the area, with the lows tracking from southwest to northeast. Any black cutworm migration possibilities will lie to the southeast of the low track. The first system will pass through Missouri and Illinois tonight into tomorrow, so Low migration risks are predicted from southern Missouri into Illinois, Indiana, western Ohio, and portions of Kentucky where south to southwest winds may provide at least an isolated risk of moth flights but precipitation may limit the overall northward extent. Little to no additional migration risks are predicted for the balance of the week – if the system later in the week moves further north then risks will need to be introduced to the forecast, but at this time it is favored to keep this one further south than the first.