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Black Cutworm

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No Risk
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A cold front is expected to largely dissipate over the next 24-48 hours as its parent low pressure system fills and is overtaken by the next weather system developing in the Plains states. As a result, any southerly wind should be fairly light and eventually will switch to the west or northwest at least for a time so little to no migration risk is predicted the next couple days. By the weekend, however, southerly winds are likely to return to areas west of the Great Lakes as early as Saturday with Low migration risks already in place by Saturday night into Sunday. These Low risks continue in the forecast until at least next Tuesday as this system is also expected to be a little bit slower-moving, as well, and Low risks envelop much of the central and eastern corn-growing region. The greatest concern with this system and any potential migration is with the latest planted crops at this point as new generations from a flight this weekend or early next week would likely not appear until sometime in June and many fields may be past critical growth stages by that point.