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Black Cutworm

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Moderate Risk Level
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A strong low pressure system and attendant cold front will move from west to east across the corn-growing region over the next 24-36 hours. Ahead of this front, strong southerly winds will be present especially to the south of a warm front that should move north to near I-80 by late today and then into the Great Lakes region overnight. A very favorable corridor for black cutworm migration will exist south of the warm front and east of the cold front prior to its passage. Moderate migration risks are predicted from Missouri and eastern Iowa as far east as western/central Ohio and central Kentucky and as far north as Wisconsin and into lower Michigan as well as southwest Ontario, Canada. Little to no migration risk is predicted once this front clears the region for the balance of the week. Growers should be advised that black cutworm migration events have likely already occurred in the last month to month and a half, so diligent trapping and scouting will be important once planting begins or begins to really ramp up this spring.