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Corn Earworm

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No Risk
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An active weather pattern is predicted to take shape especially across the eastern half to two-thirds of the corn-growing region by late week and into the weekend. While the majority of field corn is not at a susceptible stage to damage at this point given the late planting in many areas, fresh market and vegetable growers may see some pressure enter the picture if corn earworm moth flights can occur. Therefore, we are carrying Low migration risks over the weekend and into early next week especially from Kansas, Missouri, and southern Illinois northeast into portions of Iowa, southern Minnesota, Wisconsin, central and northern Illinois, and even east into Indiana, western Ohio, and southern lower Michigan. Southerly winds are expected to become gusty at times and may result in some migrants from mid-south and southern states source regions which are indicating building moth populations in those areas. It should be noted, however, that crops are at a favorable growth stage for corn earworm moths to stay put in those areas, but a few moths may still fly north during this time. Growers with crops/vegetables at critical growth stages should prepare to scout those crops in the coming week.