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Corn Earworm

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Low Risk
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Northwest flow is expected to continue to dominate the weather pattern across much of the corn-growing region for the next week or longer. As a result, southerly flow will be greatly limited and mainly confined to the southwestern portion of the corn-growing region. Low corn earworm migration risks accompany weak southerly flow across Kansas into Nebraska, southwest Iowa, and western Missouri tonight into tomorrow, with a return to Low risks again across virtually this same area by Sunday night into Monday as a cold front begins to organize in the High Plains and moves southeast. Low risks also overspread the region mainly west of Lake Michigan and as far north as South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin and east into Illinois as this cold front moves further southeast by next Monday into Tuesday. Wind flow is expected to remain rather weak ahead of this front, but corn earworm moths are becoming more likely to fly north given crop stage in the mid-south and southern states, so migration risks will become more aggressive even with less favorable weather patterns in the coming weeks.