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Corn Earworm

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Low corn earworm migration risks are in the forecast tonight into tomorrow across Kansas, Nebraska, southeast South Dakota, far southern Minnesota, Iowa, southwest Wisconsin, Missouri, and Illinois as southerly winds blow north from source regions in Texas as far north as southern Kansas. A large thunderstorm complex is likely to develop across Iowa this evening and move southeast into Illinois and Missouri by tomorrow morning, and from this complex southwest is where the potential for at least isolated moth flights exists. This system also signifies another push of cooler and less humid air with a cold front, so the migration risk is little to none until we move into late week and next weekend as southerly winds return especially to west of the Great Lakes. Even if a migration risk is not in the forecast for your area, we encourage trap monitoring and scouting as the possibility is there that some moths may have flown in this past weekend and trap captures may increase this week despite little to no risk in the present forecast.