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Corn Earworm

Risk Level:
Moderate Risk
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A strong cold front will move across the central and eastern corn-growing region over the next 24 hours. Ahead of the front, southerly winds are expected and precipitation is likely at least in a scattered fashion right along the front as it passes. These features, and given the current state of crops both in corn earworm mid-south source regions and also further north in the corn-growing region, scattered moth flights will be possible today into tomorrow morning. Moderate risks, therefore, are in place mainly east of the I-57 corridor in Illinois, or from far eastern Illinois into Indiana, Ohio, lower Michigan, and even into southern Ontario, Canada. Low risks extend from roughly the I-55 corridor in southeast Missouri and central Illinois east. After the front clears the area, however, little to no risk is predicted for the balance of the week but growers should monitor traps and scout fields as some flights have either occurred or may occur over the next 24 hours, and fields still in susceptible growth stages to damage from corn earworms are at risk.