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Corn Earworm

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Northwest flow which has been the dominant weather pattern for really several weeks now is expected to transition to southerly or southwest flow by late in the weekend and especially early to mid next week. As a result, corn earworm migration risks return to the forecast as early as Sunday night mainly from the I-39/US 51 corridor in Wisconsin and Illinois and points west as southerly winds begin to increase across this region. By early next week, a favorable setup for a potentially more widespread and heavier moth flight exists from northern Iowa and Illinois into Minnesota and Wisconsin as a cold front begins to move southeast into the Plains states. Moderate migration risks are already in the forecast for the Monday night into Tuesday time frame ahead of this cold front, with Low risks extending as far east as the I-75 corridor by that time and also into mid-week. Growers with crops still at a susceptible stage to corn earworm damage, especially processors and fresh market growers but also the latest planted field corn growers, should monitor traps and scout fields closely as fields that are still attractive to corn earworms may become infested within the next week or so as moths look for suitable hosts.