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Corn Earworm

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Low Risk
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Corn earworm migration risks remain in the forecast on a nightly basis for the next five nights as an active south to southwest flow weather pattern remains in place across much of the corn-growing region. Despite what the calendar says, risks are still warranted especially given processing and fresh market crop stages but also, in some areas, field corn may even still be at risk especially north of I-90. Low risks are present tonight into tomorrow mainly west of Lake Michigan as southerly winds remain in place east of a cold front in the Plains states. The Low risk then shifts east with the cold front as it weakens, and fields as far east as lower Michigan and Indiana are at risk. The Low risk then re-focuses back to the west late week and then spreads east into the Great Lakes region by Saturday night into Sunday as a stronger cold front moves through at that time. Growers with crops at susceptible stages to damage from corn earworms should continue monitoring traps and scouting fields as new moths may continue to arrive as well as potential pressure from previous moth flights this summer and their resultant new generations.