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Corn Earworm

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No Risk
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Heading into the weekend and early next week, the corn-growing region weather pattern is expected to become quite complicated as a low pressure system developing in the High Plains/southern Canadian prairies and Tropical Storm Cristobal moves north through the Gulf of Mexico into the southern United States. The tropical storm is expected to slow the eastward progression of the Plains low, so a rather prolonged period of southerly winds is expected especially in the Plains states but also as far east as the Mississippi River this weekend. Low corn earworm migration risks are predicted across this region during this time. By early-mid next week, Cristobal remnants are expected to move north, but just exactly where is still a question mark as is typical with these systems. Low corn earworm migration risks extend further east into the southern Great Lakes and portions of the eastern corn-growing region by Monday night into Tuesday, mainly in response to a forecast of Cristobal moving northward in the Mississippi River valley. Something to watch over the weekend, for sure.