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Corn Earworm

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The main theme in the corn earworm migration department this week is the slow eastward progression of a developing low pressure system and attendant cold front across the Plains and eventually through at least a portion of the corn-growing region by the weekend or early next week. South to southwest winds will be rather robust across portions of the Plains and even into the western corn-growing region just west of I-35 today into tonight, and Low corn earworm migration risks are in place across this region. Low risks only shift east a little tomorrow night, with migration risks as far east as Lake Michigan and into the I-55 corridor in Illinois. By late week and into the weekend, the cold front is expected to slowly move southeast but is expected to weaken as it does so. The weakening will likely lead to a lessening of south to southwest winds, but still enough concern to keep Low risks going from Kansas and Missouri as far north as Minnesota, Wisconsin, and eventually as far east as the I-75 corridor in southeast Michigan and western Ohio. The primary threat at this point is to fresh market/vegetable/garden growers as the majority of field corn is not at a susceptible stage to damage yet.