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Corn Earworm

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Low Risk
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Corn earworm migration risks remain in the forecast for the next few nights as southerly winds east of an eastward-advancing cold front remain persistent. These winds, however, are not expected to be overly strong and crop stage further north, as well, precludes issuing anything higher than a Low risk at this point in the growing season. Low risks are found across a fairly large area from the Plains as far east as Lake Michigan and into Illinois tonight into tomorrow. The risk then shifts east with the front tomorrow night into Wednesday, with fields from central Kansas north through Nebraska and the eastern Dakotas and as far east again as Lake Michigan and western Indiana potentially seeing some isolated moth flights. Crops in the mid-south and southern states source regions continue to remain attractive hosts at this time, as well, so any flights should be localized and generally low in population. Little to no migration risk is currently predicted late week into next weekend as southerly flow is expected to be rather weak at this time.