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Corn Earworm

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The ups and downs in the weather pattern are expected to continue in the next week although a general warming trend on increasing southerly winds is anticipated especially for western and central corn-growing region fields. These southerly winds may result in additional corn earworm migration risks as early as tonight south of a warm front in Kansas, southern Nebraska, southwest Iowa, and into Missouri. The warm front is expected to lift north tomorrow into Wednesday but should be quickly followed by a weak cool front, so any migration risks should be confined to Kansas east into Missouri but also east of the cold front across portions of Illinois, Indiana, western Ohio, southern lower Michigan, and potentially as far northeast as extreme southern Ontario, Canada. By late week and into next weekend, the southerly wind regime re-loads in the Plains states and spreads east into the Mississippi River valley, and Low risks are initially predicted across the Plains on Wednesday night into Thursday and eventually into Wisconsin and Illinois by next weekend. There is, once again, the potential for increased migration risks by late week and into next weekend, so continue to monitor forecasts this week for potential upgrades once forecast confidence especially with respect to timing improves.