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Corn Earworm

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Low Risk
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The weather pattern is predicted to remain active for the next week or so, and as a result there are daily/nighttime corn earworm migration risks in the forecast. An upgrade to a Moderate risk is conceivable by late week or next weekend, as well. For now, however, Low risks are predicted tonight into tomorrow morning mainly across Kansas and Missouri as well as further east across southern/eastern Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, lower Michigan, and even into southern Ontario, Canada ahead of a weak cool front moving southeast through the northern corn-growing region at this time. Weak southerly winds east of this front may lead to some isolated moth flights. Focus after tomorrow shifts back to the Plains tomorrow night into Thursday as southerly winds increase ahead of the next developing heat dome and weather system for late week and into next weekend. Low risks then expand east with time, and cover virtually all of the corn-growing region at some point by next weekend, and again a Moderate risk is likely to come in tomorrow’s forecast for a portion of the central/northern corn-growing region once higher confidence in the location of precipitation is better known for late week.