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Corn Earworm

Risk Level:
Low Risk
Affected Area:
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A change in the overall corn-growing region weather pattern is taking place, with southerly winds already returning to the Plains states along with some scattered areas of rain in association with this pattern change. With an increase in heat, humidity, and southerly winds comes a corresponding increase in corn earworm migration risks. Low risks are predicted tonight into tomorrow mainly west of the Mississippi River as high pressure slowly drifts into the eastern corn-growing region, allowing southerly winds to expand further east into Minnesota, Iowa, and Missouri. Moderate migration risks then enter the forecast tomorrow night into Saturday across northeast Nebraska, eastern South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and into far western Wisconsin with Low risks as far east as Lake Michigan and into northern/central Illinois as low pressure organizes and deepens across the northern Plains and southern Canada. Stronger southerly winds may allow scattered moth flights into/near the Moderate risk area. Additional Moderate risks are predicted ahead of a cold front passage Sunday night into Monday across northeast Iowa, far southeast Minnesota, Wisconsin, northern/central Illinois, northern Indiana, and into southwestern lower Michigan with Low risks as far east as southern Ontario, Canada and into Ohio. Growers with crops at susceptible stages to damage, especially in the I-80 corridor and north, are encouraged to monitor traps and scout fields next week as new moths are expected to arrive in a scattered fashion in the next several days.