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Corn Earworm

Risk Level:
Low Risk
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A favorable pattern for isolated corn earworm migration is predicted over especially the next three nights into roughly the southeastern half or so of the corn-growing region. Persistent southwest flow out of Texas, Louisiana, and the mid-south region may allow some isolated corn earworm moths to fly north and northeast during this time. Precipitation may be a complicating factor especially on the western side of the risk, with potentially slightly higher probabilities of uninhibited flights from the Ohio River valley northeast into the southern Great Lakes region. Low risks are predicted tonight into tomorrow from Kansas and eastern Nebraska as far east as Illinois, with Low risks then focusing further east Thursday night into Friday into the southern Great Lakes and eastern corn-growing region in addition to areas further west. Low risks then focus mainly east of I-35 Friday night into Saturday, but especially east of the Mississippi River in the eastern corn-growing region. Growers are advised that this Low risk is mainly targeted at vegetable/fresh market growers (sweet corn, tomatoes, etc.) as field corn is not at a susceptible stage of damage as of yet. Sometimes when very limited hosts are available but at an attractive stage, they can get hit infested on a local basis because they are the “only game in town”.