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Corn Earworm

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A rather stagnant weather pattern is predicted across especially the eastern two-thirds of the corn-growing region into the middle of next week as a low pressure system slowly drifts or even stalls out over the upper Mississippi River valley near Iowa and Illinois. Initially, tonight into tomorrow, southerly winds will focus to the east of a trailing cold front south of the low through western Iowa and Kansas, so Low corn earworm migration risks are predicted mainly across eastern Kansas, central and eastern Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, and far western Indiana. The northern extent of this risk may be limited by rainfall especially across Iowa into northern Illinois. Low risks continue tomorrow night into Sunday mainly east of the I-55 corridor from southeast Missouri into eastern/southern Illinois, Indiana, western Ohio, and Kentucky as the low only slowly drifts to the east near the Mississippi River between Iowa and Illinois. Low risks then continue in the forecast across the southern Great Lakes into the eastern corn-growing region into mid-next week as the low remains largely in place before dissipating in response to the next weather system developing in the Plains states by that time. Additional migration risks will likely be continued in the forecast next week in response to this next developing system.