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Corn Earworm

Risk Level:
Moderate Risk
Affected Area:
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The weather pattern is expected to transition from southwest to westerly and eventually northwesterly flow by late week and into next weekend. Before the transition occurs, however, southerly winds may lead to scattered corn earworm moth flights into a portion of the corn-growing region tonight ahead of a southeastward-advancing cold front. There is some uncertainty in the placement of the Moderate risk tonight because of thunderstorms potentially interrupting wind fields, but fields from northeast Kansas into Missouri, Iowa, far southeast Minnesota, southern Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and into southwest lower Michigan are included at this time. Low risks extend east into the southern Great Lakes and eastern corn-growing region. Low risks are in the forecast tomorrow night into Thursday near and south of the front, mainly along/south of I-80 west of Lake Michigan but further north and east, as well, into lower Michigan and southern Ontario, Canada. Wind flow is expected to shift more westerly and northwesterly, however, so risks are lower tomorrow night and are not included late week and into the weekend due to unfavorable winds. Growers are encouraged to monitor traps for new flights and scout vulnerable fields as new moths have likely arrived in some areas in the last week especially with mid-south and even southern corn-growing region crops now drying down and no longer attractive hosts.