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Corn Earworm

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The weather pattern across the corn-growing region is expected to be rather progressive and variable over the next few weeks with several potential cold fronts preceded by favorable southerly wind events that may lead to some additional corn earworm moth flights. As southerly winds increase and spread east over the next few days, nightly corn earworm migration risks are predicted and elevated risks are predicted by later in the week across some important growing areas. Low risks are predicted tonight into tomorrow mainly across the Plains but also further east into portions of Minnesota and western Iowa as the southerly wind regime commences. Low risks then expand east to the I-35 corridor from Minneapolis south to Kansas City, Missouri tomorrow night into Wednesday as high pressure moves east. Later in the week, Low risks expand all the way east to Lake Michigan and into Illinois, with Moderate risks predicted across northern Iowa into southern Minnesota, southwest Wisconsin, and far northwest Illinois on Thursday night into Friday as conditions look favorable for potentially scattered flights into that area. Low risks then move into the southern Great Lakes by the weekend as a cold front moves through. With many crops near or at maturity and harvest commencing now across the south and even into portions of the mid-south, corn earworms are losing their hosts and will want to fly north as we have seen in the past week or so with new flights being observed in some areas of the corn-growing region in the last week or so. Continued scouting of susceptible fields is encouraged.