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Corn Earworm

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Corn earworm migration risks will be on the increase especially across the western and central portion of the corn-growing region over the next several days. Tropical activity in the eastern United States has and will likely continue to slow the eastward progression of weather systems across the country, so the primary risks for migration appear to focus in better southerly winds west of the Great Lakes. Low risks are predicted tonight into tomorrow mainly west of the Mississippi River as low pressure continues to develop in the western Plains. Moderate risks are in the forecast tomorrow night into Friday across northern Iowa into Minnesota and far western Wisconsin and extreme northwest Illinois with Low risks east to Lake Michigan. Low risks then focus initially mainly east of I-35 into the southern Great Lakes region Friday night into Saturday, and then back west of the I-39/55 corridor in Illinois on Sunday night into Monday ahead of the next weather system. Growers with crops at susceptible stages to damage from corn earworms are encouraged to continue scouting efforts until the crop is no longer at a critical stage where damage could occur or is harvested.