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Corn Earworm

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A very summer-like weather pattern is predicted across portions of the corn-growing region into early-mid next week. Southerly winds will bring hot and somewhat humid conditions (especially for mid-September) over the next several days, and these southerly winds may also result in some isolated corn earworm moth flights into remaining fresh market and processing fields in the central and northern corn-growing region. Low migration risks are predicted tomorrow night into Sunday across portions of Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois, with the Low risk continuing later in the weekend and early next week in these same locations but also further east into the southern Great Lakes, with an eventual focus to the east of I-35 by late Monday into Tuesday and then east of I-55 in Illinois by Tuesday into Wednesday as a cold front moves southeast. Growers with crops at susceptible stages to corn earworm damage are encouraged to continue monitoring fields until harvest.