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Corn Earworm

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A rather progressive weather pattern is expected over the next week or so as summer tries to hold on but where climatology, sun angle, and cooler weather building further north say that summer cannot last forever. The result will be periodic cold fronts preceded by periods of southerly winds which may allow for some isolated corn earworm moth flights into remaining processing and fresh market fields. Low risks are predicted tonight into tomorrow from eastern Nebraska all the way east to the I-75 corridor in southeast lower Michigan and northwest Ohio, and north into Minnesota, Wisconsin, and central/southern lower Michigan. After a cold front passes, a brief break in migration risks is in place later tomorrow into Saturday, but Low risks then return from late Sunday into early next week across virtually the same region as a potentially stronger cold front moves through by mid-week next week. This front may have the first real fall-like colder push of air into portions of the corn-growing region, but southerly winds in advance of the front keep Low risks in the forecast until that point.