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Corn Earworm

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Low corn earworm migration risks are in the forecast especially Sunday night into Monday and again Monday night into Tuesday next week as a favorable weather pattern for at least some isolated moth flights will exist by that time. South to southwest winds, originating primarily from Texas, are expected to blow north into at least a portion of the corn-growing region from Kansas into eastern Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, and much of Illinois during that time. While many field crops are still not at susceptible stages to damage, some fields are getting close in the earliest planted areas but of greater concern at this point is with fresh market and garden/vegetable growers who may have produce near critical growth stages. If you have crops at a susceptible stage to corn earworm damage, continue to monitor traps and scout these crops. Some corn earworm moth flights have occurred in the past few weeks and some localized feeding/damage may be occurring or could occur shortly.