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Corn Earworm

Risk Level:
Moderate Risk
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An active weather pattern across the central United States for at least the next five days is predicted to lead to enhanced corn earworm migration probabilities across portions of the corn-growing region. South to southwest winds are expected to be rather persistent across the Plains and portions of the corn-growing region for the balance of the next five days. Low pressure currently in southern Canada should continue to develop and eventually will move east into Manitoba and western Ontario. A cold front to the south of the low will push through the upper Midwest and may serve as a focal point for not only precipitation but potential insect drop-out to its east. Low corn earworm migration probabilities are predicted mainly across the Plains and western Midwest/corn-growing region for tonight into tomorrow morning. The risk area expands eastward tomorrow night and includes areas as far east as Michigan and Indiana, and a Moderate risk is also predicted from Kansas and Missouri northeast into Iowa, western Illinois, and extreme southwest Wisconsin where a corridor of stronger southerly winds may result in higher moth numbers moving north from southern source regions. Thereafter, Low risks are in place especially across the central and southern corn-growing region for the balance of the 3-5 day period as the next low forms in the western Plains and also across the eastern Midwest and Great Lakes region Thursday into Friday as southerly winds remain in place ahead of low pressure still in Ontario, Canada. Continue to monitor forecasts as this is the time of year that first generation flights typically occur, and the weather pattern predicted for the next several days will be conducive for migration.