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Corn Earworm

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Low Risk
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Corn earworm migration risks are predicted to remain limited the next five days as a predominantly northwest to southeast wind flow pattern remains in place across much of the corn-growing region. Brief opportunities for southerly winds east of low pressure centers in a progressive weather pattern will be the only chance for any migration. One low pressure system is moving through Missouri and Illinois today, and this weather system may result in some south to southwest winds across the southern Great Lakes, Ontario, and eastern corn-growing regions overnight tonight into Friday morning. Low migration risks are predicted generally east of I-65 from Kentucky into Indiana and then northeast into lower Michigan and as far east as the Appalachian Mountains. After this system moves east, no migration risk is predicted until next Monday night and Tuesday morning as the next low pressure begins developing in the High Plains. Southerly winds should return to the Plains states initially and a Low risk is predicted generally south of US 30 in Nebraska and Iowa and west of US 71 from western Iowa into far western Missouri.