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Corn Earworm

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Low Risk
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Corn earworm migration risks will continue in the forecast especially across the far southeastern portion of the corn-growing region tonight into tomorrow as a weak cold front moves into the area. Low risks are predicted mainly from eastern Kansas into Missouri, central and southern Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, far southern lower Michigan, and into Ohio. By tomorrow night into Friday, the risk focuses across this same area but also further west in response to a new area of low pressure developing in southern Canada or the northern Plains region. Southerly winds are expected to increase along with hot/humid conditions, and a larger migration risk area is back in the forecast at that time from eastern Kansas into eastern Nebraska and northeast into southeast Minnesota as far east as the I-75 corridor in southeast lower Michigan, western Ohio, and into Kentucky. In addition, a Moderate migration risk for the potential of scattered moth flights is now in the forecast across northern and eastern Missouri, eastern Iowa, far southern Wisconsin, and Illinois during this same time. Once the cold front begins to settle more southeasterly, wind flow is expected to become more westerly with time and any migration risk will focus back across the southeastern corn-growing region, again mainly from eastern Kansas perhaps as far north as I-80 or so by Friday night into Saturday. Growers should monitor traps and scout fields closely as new moths are expected to arrive in some fields over the next several days. Additional risks look possible early next week, as well.