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Corn Earworm

Risk Level:
Low Risk
Affected Area:
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Low corn earworm migration risks are predicted for the next five days across primarily the southwestern and western portions of the corn-growing region. Southerly wind flow through this period is not expected to be particularly strong and the lack of confidence in precipitation serving as potential insect drop zone regions is also rather low at this time so only Low risks are predicted. The risk area tonight into Thursday morning stretches from Kansas northeast into Nebraska, southern and central Iowa, western Illinois, and Missouri as southerly winds persist. The risk area remains largely unchanged Thursday night into Friday morning and still remains focused primarily south of US 20 or I-90 and as far east as western Indiana in the extended period. There is some uncertainty in what the overall weather pattern will do next week, but regardless of the outcome southerly wind flow is not expected to be particularly strong so while some adjustments to the risk area may be needed, the threat level does not appear to need adjustments in the next 5-7 days as it looks now.