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Corn Earworm

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Low corn earworm migration risks are predicted across a good portion of the central and southern corn-growing region in the next five days. Only low risks are predicted at this time due to less than optimal southerly wind speeds and continued building drought conditions across the mid-south and southern portions of the corn-growing region which may inhibit moth activity. For tonight into Saturday morning, Low risks are predicted from Nebraska into Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana and points southwest as southerly winds blow northeast from mid-south source regions. The risk area is compressed to south of I-80 and west of I-57 for Saturday night into Sunday morning as southerly winds weaken in between weak low presure systems moving through the Plains and into the Midwest. An increased coverage of the risk area is then predicted for late in the weekend and early next week as southerly winds expand east across the corn-growing region. Fields from South Dakota into Minnesota, Wisconsin, southwest Michigan, and points to the south and southwest are all under a risk of seeing isolated moth flights in a persistent but rather weak southerly wind regime.