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Corn Earworm

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Increased corn earworm migration probabilities are in the forecast for the next three days as a rather potent low pressure system and attendant cold front work their way through the corn-growing region. South to southwest winds in advance of or to the east of the front and higher prospects for precipitation along the front have led to a Moderate migration risk for Friday night into Saturday morning across the western and central corn-growing region and also Saturday night into Sunday morning across the Great Lakes and eastern Midwest. Low risks are in place tonight and tomorrow morning from South Dakota southward into Nebraska and Kansas. Moderate risks cover portions of Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin Friday night into Saturday morning. Fields in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, and Ontario, Canada are in a Moderate risk for Saturday night into Sunday morning as the cold front pushes east. Growers across all of the corn-growing region are urged to monitor their fields for increased corn earworm moth activity in the next week, especially if fields are at a susceptible stage to damage from corn earworm.