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Corn Earworm

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Corn earworm migration risks are on the rise over the next five days as a series of low pressure systems move from west to east across the central United States. Low risks are in place tonight especially across the Plains states as high pressure drifts to the east and allows southerly winds to return to this area. Moderate risks are in place on a daily basis thereafter as southerly winds increase and remain persistent across a good portion of the corn-growing region. The Moderate risk area is initially across the Plains states Wednesday night into Thursday morning but then expands east to near Lake Michigan and into Illinois by Friday morning and eventually into lower Michigan and Indiana by the weekend. Low risks extend as far east as Ontario, Canada and Pennsylvania by this same time. Growers across much of the corn-growing region are urged to monitor their crops (especially if still at a susceptible stage to potential corn earworm damage) in the coming week as scattered corn earworm moth flights are likely to occur in the corn-growing region.