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Corn Earworm

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No Risk
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Corn earworm migration risks remain in the Low category through the next five days as only isolated moth flights are possible given the expected weather pattern. Low risks are in place across portions of the Plains states and western corn-growing region Wednesday night into Thursday as a low pressure cell shifts to the east near the United States/Canada border. Southerly winds from source regions in southern Kansas into Oklahoma and Texas may provide a few isolated flights to occur in this area. Thereafter, the forecast focuses on the eventual track of Tropical Storm Isaac. As the storm comes ashore, it will have the ability to transfer moths northward into the Midwest from source regions between the Gulf coast and mid-south. Only Low risks are predicted, however, from Missouri and Iowa eastward into Illinois, southern Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and western Pennsylvania as crops in many of these areas are well past critical stages where damage could occur and expected heavy rainfall totals in the source region may inhibit flights.