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Corn Earworm

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Low corn earworm migration risks are predicted through the next several days as a couple of weather systems impact the corn-growing region. Initially, Low risks are in place across the Plains and portions of the western and upper Midwest as low pressure moves from west to east across southern Canada. A cold front is expected to edge into the northern Plains states as southwest winds persist to the southeast of the front. Fields northwest of a line from Kansas City, Missouri to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to Wausau, Wisconsin are at risk for isolated moth flights tonight into tomorrow morning. Corn earworm migration risks after tonight are related to the strength and track of Hurricane Isaac. Isaac is expected to track north through the mid-south and into the central and eastern corn-growing region late this week and into the weekend. The system will take on typical low pressure characteristics once further inland so south to southeast winds will be common on its northeast side. Despite heavy rainfall within the source region, there is still the possibility for Low corn earworm migration risks due to stronger winds at flight level. Any remaining fresh-market or processing fields from eastern Kansas into Missouri, southern Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, lower Michigan, Ohio, and northern Tennessee may see an isolated moth flight related to Isaac starting Thursday night and continuing into Sunday.