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Corn Earworm

Risk Level:
Low Risk
Affected Area:
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With the weather pattern expected to remain largely west to east or northwest to southeast across the central and eastern United States, corn earworm migration possibilities are predicted to remain rather low through the period and confined to areas closer to active source regions in the southern Plains and lower Mississippi River valley. 

On Day 1, a Low corn earworm migration risk is predicted from the Kentucky/Tennessee border south to active source regions near I-20 in Louisiana and Mississippi.  The risk stretches from US 59 in northeast Texas into western Arkansas and as far east as I-75 in Tennessee and Georgia.  With unfavorable wind flow for migration in place on Day 2, no risk is predicted.  By the extended period, a new weather system is predicted to emerge into the Plains and return southerly flow leads to Low corn earworm migration risks on both Days 3 and 5 mainly from Kansas and Missouri southward into Oklahoma and Arkansas.