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Corn Earworm

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An active weather pattern is expected to continue across the central and eastern part of the United States the next five days and likely beyond. The result will be continued probabilities for corn earworm migration events as southerly winds in advance of each system coincide with precipitation regions resulting in potential insect drop zones. Trap counts, however, continue to remain rather low and, in some cases, much lower than previous years for this time of year so overall risk levels are kept in the Low category. As a strong low pressure system moves through the central and eastern Corn Belt the next 24 hours, Low corn earworm migration risks are predicted mainly east of I-57 to the Appalachian Mountains later this evening into tomorrow morning, or including the Ohio River valley north into the eastern Midwest. No risk is predicted on Day 2 as much of the central United States will be in between systems with calm or light northerly winds in place. By the extended period, yet another strong low pressure system should develop and push east into the Plains states. The result will be increasing southerly winds from source regions in Texas and adjacent areas of the deep south. Low corn earworm migration risks cover much of the central and southern Corn Belt starting this weekend and will likely be extended into next week as well with subsequent forecasts.