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Corn Earworm

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No Risk
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A predominantly northwest to southeast wind flow in the weather pattern is expected to persist through the next week and likely beyond. Such northwest flow patterns, much like the Midwest experienced in 2004 and 2009, results in limited intrusions of southerly and southwesterly winds and resultant possibilities for widespread corn earworm migration events. As such, only Low migration risks are predicted in the next five days and are mainly focused over the southwestern portions of the corn-growing region. Low risks are predicted south of US 20 and west of the Mississippi River Thursday night into Friday as a low pressure area organizes in the western High Plains. The risk persists through the remainder of the forecast period (through early next week) with only slight expansion east eventually into the I-90 corridor and potentially as far east as Illinois by Sunday into Monday. Despite only Low migration risks, growers all across the corn-growing region should monitor their crops for the emergence of the second generation of corn earworm. Significant moth flights earlier in the growing season may still result in high moth numbers and potential damage as the first generation became established in a favorable environment.