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Corn Earworm

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An overall change in the weather pattern is expected especially by late in the weekend and early next week as the predominantly northwest to southeast flow transitions back to a zonal (west to east) or even more southwest to northeasterly flow. As a result, corn earworm migration risks are expected to return to at least portions of the corn-growing region but not until the very end of the forecast period and more likely beyond into next week. In the near term, high pressure is expected to continue to dominate much of the central United States through the end of the week and into at least the early part of the weekend. The result will be only limited migration risks on the west side of the high pressure especially in Kansas and Nebraska later this evening into tomorrow morning. No risk is present thereafter until Saturday night into Sunday across the Plains and western Midwest, and the risk continues to expand northeast late in the weekend as high pressure in the Midwest drifts east into the mid-Atlantic states. Growers with later planted crops, either due to wet and cool conditions in the spring or intentionally late planted crops especially along and north of I-80 should monitor the situation as we move into next week as another migration event may be in store by that time. Otherwise, growers in all areas should be on the lookout for second generation moth activity despite little to no migration risk at least in the short term.