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Corn Earworm

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Low Risk
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A more dominant zonal, or west to east, weather pattern is predicted for the next week which may result in higher probabilities for at least isolated to potentially scattered corn earworm moth flights in the next week. Greatest probabilities are expected to remain in the Plains and western Midwest although migration risks do extend as far east as the eastern Midwest. Low risks are in place tonight mainly west of the Mississippi River tonight as high pressure remains dominant across the southern Great Lakes region and eastern Midwest. Low risks continue into Tuesday night and Wednesday as a weak cool front drops south from Canada into the upper Midwest and southern Great Lakes region. The risk area tomorrow night extends as far east as Michigan and Indiana and primarily south of the US 10 and I-94 corridors. Better migration risks return to the Plains and western Midwest by late in the week and early next weekend as a sharper, more direct south to southwest wind increases ahead of the next low pressure system and cold front in the Plains. Moderate migration risks are already in place mainly north of I-70 in Kansas and west of a Topeka, Kansas to Minneapolis, Minnesota line by Friday night into Saturday with lower risks as far east as the Mississippi River and western Wisconsin. Fresh-market and processing growers in addition to farmers that have corn and other crops at susceptible stages to damage in the upper Midwest should monitor subsequent forecasts this week and be prepared to take necessary action. Second generation moths continue to be active in some areas as well so traps should be monitored closely over the next week or so.