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Corn Earworm

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Corn earworm migration may become an increasing threat especially across the western corn-growing region by later this week and into next weekend as a predominantly southwest to northeast wind pattern develops. Before that time, Low risks are predicted tonight into tomorrow morning across much of the corn-growing region from the Plains east into the southwest Great Lakes region and eastern Midwest as mainly light to occasionally moderate south to southwest winds become better established across the region. A cold front is predicted to sink south through a portion of the corn-growing region late Wednesday into Thursday. The front, however, is only expected to sink south to somewhere between I-70 or I-80 and then turn into a warm front as it returns back north late in the week. Low risks are confined to portions of Nebraska, Kansas, southwest Iowa, and western Missouri tomorrow night into Thursday and then expand back across much of the corn-growing region west of Lake Michigan through the weekend. Moderate risks also make a return to the Plains and western Midwest by Friday night into Saturday and persist into Saturday night and Sunday. The Moderate risk is primarily west of the Mississippi River where southwest winds are expected to be stronger. Growers all across the corn-growing region should monitor their crops not only for potential new migrants but also for second generation moths that are presently active in certain areas but especially in the upper Midwest.