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Corn Earworm

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Low Risk
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Corn earworm migration risks remain in the Low category for the next three days as source regions continue to remain in unfavorable locations and overall weather patterns are not predicted to be conducive to widespread, larger scale flights. A new low pressure system will emerge into the Plains states later today and tonight before accelerating northeast into the Dakotas and eventually Canada by the start of the upcoming weekend. South to southwest winds originating in western Texas will provide a corridor for corn earworms to advance northeast into the Plains and western Corn Belt tonight but with an extreme to exceptional drought ongoing in the source region and host crops in poor condition, only Low risks are predicted. The overall risk area does expand as far north as Minnesota and Wisconsin Thursday night into Friday morning but any flights are expected to be minimal. A Low corn earworm migration risk remains in the forecast for especially the western and central Corn Belt for Friday night into Saturday morning as southwest winds should persist. No risk is predicted thereafter as high pressure in the southeast United States continues to move west and cuts off or significantly reduces any southerly wind flow.